Ronco Technical Services, Inc.

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  • Belmed Manifold and Alarm
  • Burdick-EK8
  • Clay Adams Readicrit Centrifuge
  • Clay Adams Physicians Centrifuge
  • Datascope 3000
  • Datascope 871
  • HP Defibrillator
  • Isoflurane Vaporizers
  • Lynx Polisher
  • MB Microhematocrit
  • North American Drager Vaporizer
  • Nellcor N-100
  • Ohmeda Pulse Oximeter with Printer
  • OCR
  • Schuco Suction
  • Tec 3 Isoflurane Vaporizer
  • Triac Centrifuge
  • VSM-2 Physio-Control
  • Baxter 6200 IV Pump
  • Clay Adams Dynac Centrifuge
  • Pelton & Crane Validator 10 Plus
  • Nellcor N-180 Pulse Oximete

Price List

New Matrx Medical VMS w/New Isoflurane Vaporizer (3-Year Warranty on both) $3,095.00
New Matrx Medical VME w/New Isoflurane Vaporizer (3-Year Warranty on both) $2,495.00
Matrx VMC (reconditioned) $1795.00
Pitman Moore (reconditioned) $895.00
Tec 3 Isoflurane Vaporizer (reconditioned) $850.00
Tec 3 Sevoflurane Vaporizer (reconditioned) $950.00
New Tec 3 Isoflurane Vaporizer $995.00
New Tec 3 Sevoflurane Vaporizer $1,050.00

SEI Autoscaler Dental Unit (New) 6-Year Warranty on electronics, 2-Years on parts $695.00
SEI Dental Polisher (New) Motor Pack Warranty 6-Months, Console, 1-Year $595.95
Complete mobile dental system with brand new compressor (similar to Schein) $1,800.00
Schein Vet Base Dental Unit (4 years old) $2,995.00
MTI Lynx EM-II Electric Lab Low Speed Polisher System Complete $395.00

New Criticare 506DXN Digital Pulse Oximeter w/10’ cable, sensor, NIBP $1,995.00
New Criticare 506DXNP Digital Pulse Oximeter w/10’ cable, sensor, NIBP, printer. $2,195.00
New Criticare Scholar III SpO2, NIBP, ECG, Temp, Resp, and printer $3,995.00
New Criticare Poet 8100 5 lead ECG, 2 Temp, Resp, SpO2, and printer. $5,295.00
New Criticare Poet 8100 same as above with EtCO2 $5,995.00
Please note: All new Criticare vital signs monitors come with two year warranties
(one year on SpO2 sensor) and a free overnight loaner program for System Lifetime.
Ohmeda 3700 Pulse Oximeter $895.00
Physio Control VSM-1 ECG only with screen and printer, portable $795.00
Nellcor N-200 Pulse Oximeter $995.00
Nellcor Pulse Oximeter N-180 $995.00
Spacelabs ECG/Pulse Ox/NIBP #90623A w/Printer $1500.00
MDE Monitor Model 100 ECG/Pulse Ox $950.00
Nellcor Handheld Pulse Oximeter with new sensor $650.00
Nellcor N-20 Handheld Pulse Oximeter with new sensor $795.00
New Mediaid Pulse oximeter with lingual and rectal and temp, 5-Year Warranty $650.00

Pelton & Crane Magnaclave $6,995.00
Pelton & Crane Validator 10” Automatic $1,895.00
Pelton & Crane Validator 10” Plus Automatic $2,100.00
Pelton & Crane Validator 8” Automatic $1,395.00
Pelton & Crane Delta XL Factory-Rebuilt, One-Year Warranty $2,695.00
Pelton & Crane OCR Sterilizer $1,300.00
Pelton & Crane OCM Sterilizer $850.00
Pelton & Crane Delta XL 10 (New) Three-year parts warranty. $3,895.00
Tuttnauer 2540M (New) 10” One-year warranty parts, one year labor. $2,995.00
Tuttnauer 2340M (New) 9” One-year warranty parts, one year labor. $2,595.00
Tuttnauer 3870M (15” chamber) $4,500.00

Baxter 6200 I.V. Pumps $650.00
Baxter 6300 I.V. Pumps (Double pump) $895.00
Baxter 6201 I.V. Pumps $1050.00
Baxter AS40A Syringe pump $1195.00

Burdick EK-8 Automatic $695.00
Burdick EK-10 $995.00

Hewlett Packard Defibrillator w/Monitor & Printer (43100A) $1,395.00
Physio Control Lifepak 6S w/Monitor & Printer $1,200.00
Nihon Kohden Defibrillator $1,095.00

Clay Adams Physicians Centrifuge w/Cover $250.00
Clay Adams Microhematocrit Readacrit Centrifuge $650.00
Clay Adams Dynac Centrifuge $850.00
Clay Adams Triac Centrifuge $1,595.00
Clay Adams MHCT II Laboratory grade, heavy duty (about $2500 new) $895.00
Clay Adams MHCT III Laboratory grade, heavy duty (about $2500.00 new) $895.00
Clay Adams Autocrit Ultra Laboratory grade, heavy duty (about $3000.00 new) $1495.00

LW Scientific Revelation III Binocular Microscopes (New) $595.00
Lifetime warranty materials and workmanship, one year on electronics.
Leica CM E Binocular Laboratory Grade Microscope (New) $995.00
Two-year warranty.
Microscope dust cover, blue nylon, medium. $14.00

Airsep Centrox, self contained, 15 LPM, 50-60 psi Call for pricing.
Airsep AS-B with Kaeser SX-6 air compressor, 30 LPM, 50-60 psi Call for pricing.

Incubator Air-Shields C86 refurbished $895.00
Precision Medical Vacuum Pump Model PM60, New $299.00
Summit Hill Cautery Unit V-10 (Like New) $950.00
Vacuum Pump Precision Medical (like Shuco) New $299.00
X-Ray Scanner iCR-1000SL (1 year old) Call for pricing.

Please note: All refurbished equipment is guaranteed for 6 months. We service everything we sell. If there is any item that you need, we can find it for you. We also sell new equipment and our prices are competitive. Our list changes on a daily basis. Any item of interest can be held with a 25% deposit.

We can also buy your used equipment or list it on our web site for sale. Call Ronco for details.